What’s it like to be a Logistics Manager?

What’s it like to be a Logistics Manager?

Chain Supply Management

Logistics play a huge role in the smooth operations of a business. However, at scale, it is extremely difficult to run a flawless logistics division due to the sheer number of variables and demands that such a system is subject to.

chain supply management can be thought of as the business function responsible for “getting the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer.” Thus, it is imperative that companies invest in their logistics divisions to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and overall productivity

Logistics Managers are responsible for the smooth flow of resources by overseeing the organization, planning, distribution and transport of goods and products for businesses and organizations.

Tasks and duties

  • Coordinating production schedules, storage and shipping of particular products and items.
  • Developing processes and systems whereby purchases and distribution activities are scheduled and tracked.
  • Liaising with clients, suppliers and staff to ensure stock supplies are recorded and ordered and delivery schedule is maintained.

Logistics Managers are professionals who ensure that the supply chain runs smoothly by utilising their experience in sourcing, transportation, storage, production and distribution.

Valuable skills for Logistics Managers include excellent communication, exceptional planning and organisational skills, and leadership abilities.

How to become a Logistics Manager

To work as a Logistics Manager in Australia, it is recommended that you have experience and/or qualifications in logistics, such as a Diploma of Logistics

  1. Consider undertaking a qualification such as a Diploma of Logistics
  2. Once you have experience/skills in logistics, you will need to develop strong management skills. This can be achieved with further experience, however many employers prefer individuals with tertiary qualifications, such as a Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management).
  3. There are numerous career opportunities for Logistics Managers, including moving into transport operation management, supply chain management or distribution operations management.
chain supply management

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