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The Process Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing and managing
the operational processes within the advertising agency. This role requires
strong organizational and communication skills to ensure the smooth
execution of projects, effective collaboration among teams, and
adherence to timelines and budgets. The Process Coordinator will play a
critical role in optimizing workflow efficiency and maintaining high-quality
standards in project delivery.

  1. Project Coordination: Collaborate with various teams, including
    creative, accounts, and operations, to ensure seamless project execution
    from initiation to completion. Track project progress and communicate
    updates to Director & other stakeholders as needed.
  2. Process Management: Develop, implement, and refine operational
    processes and workflows to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Identify
    bottlenecks and recommend improvements to optimize project delivery.
  3. Resource Allocation: Work closely with department heads to allocate
    resources appropriately for each project, ensuring the right talent is
    assigned to specific tasks based on skill sets and project requirements.
  4. Timeline Monitoring: Monitor project timelines and budgets to
    ensure projects are delivered on schedule and within budget.
    Communicate any deviations or potential risks to the project manager and
    stakeholders promptly.
  5. Quality Control: Establish quality control measures to ensure the
    delivery of high-quality outputs. Conduct regular reviews of project
    deliverables to maintain agency standards.
  6. Client Communication: Coordinate with account managers to provide
    clients with project updates, gather feedback, and address any concerns or
    questions regarding project progress.
  7. Team Collaboration: Foster a collaborative and positive work
    environment by promoting effective communication and teamwork
    among different departments.
  8. Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate and up-to-date
    project documentation, including project briefs, status reports, and
    performance metrics. Generate reports on process performance and make
    data-driven recommendations for improvement.
  9. Risk Management: Identify and assess potential risks that may impact
    project delivery and proactively develop mitigation strategies.
  10. Requirements:
  11. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Business
    Administration, or a related field.
  12. Proven experience in project coordination or operations management
    within the advertising or marketing industry.
  13. Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects
  14. Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to effectively
    collaborate with cross-functional teams and clients.
  15. Proficiency in project management tools and software.
  16. Detail-oriented and committed to maintaining high-quality standards.
  17. Problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to changing priorities and
  18. Knowledge of advertising industry trends and best practices is a plus.
  19. location

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