HR Executive

HR Executive Role and Responsibilities

  • Planning and forming employee benefits package
  • Maintaining the employees’ data
  • Execution of employees’ performance review procedure
  • Managing the hiring processes of the new employees
  • Evaluating and monitoring the budgets of all the departments
  • Operating the day-to-day operations of the human resource department
  • Ensuring that the employees are complying with the policies of the company
  • Listing to employees’ complaints and ensuring workplace safety
  • Organizing exit interviews and recognizing the reasons for resignation

HR Executive Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resource management or relevant field
  • 1+ years of experience as an HR executive or in any similar role
  • Prior experience working with HRM Softwares
  • Knowledge and understanding of HR cycle
  • Ability to coordinate and work as a part of the team
  • Efficiency in time management
  • Must have leadership skills and work ethics